Friday, February 14, 2014

The Grand Debacle: Wardrobe Planning Part 1

I set the lofty goal in my introductory post to build my wardrobe up. So, I've been scouring the blog world for thoughts, ideas, theories, and instructions.

A few that I've really glommed onto are:

Jenny from Bobbins & Whimsy, who is all about creating plans which I just adore, but then she actually puts those plans into action and (maybe it tells you a little about where I set the bar for myself but) I'm super impressed!

Audrey from Putting Me Together. It's right there in the name. She is self-teaching and teaching others through her blog how to look at clothing in new ways to create multiple looks with the same pieces. Very cool.

Sarai's Wardrobe Architect project on Coletterie. There's a lot here about honing your personal style and different aspects of fashion theory.

I love all of this so much and I can't wait to get started. (Currently I have a less-than-completely reasonable project on my table that I don't want to simply shift aside to start a new project.) Until then, I can certainly start planning!

So here's the mad tumble of my thoughts which I will smugly call my wardrobe plan…

Let me say, I love my t-shirts. I have the full range of witty and weird and nerdy tees that you expect here in Austin. But they are hardly the alpha and omega of fashion, especially fashion in the workplace.

I think I only have one thing that I would describe as an "interview top". A sleeveless cowl neck from 2010. How depressing is that?

So, let's fix that, shall we? Obviously, finding my TNT patterns will take actually trying the patterns and decided from fit and finagle if they are in fact true.

Colette's Jasmine

What can't be said about how pretty the Jasmine pattern from Colette is? This is the first pattern I've purchased from Colette and I simply LOVE their packaging. It's so attractive, I want to get the whole line and put them on a shelf. The booklet is easy to read and has a lot of additional info and I can't wait to delve into it further. Pattern itself is pretty typical tissue paper which I plan to make a copy of onto my swedish tracing paper so that I can make my FBA and other adjustments without hacking into the pattern too much. This is part of my whole goal to follow instructions more, slow down, and end up with beautiful, finished garments and not slapdash ones.

Betsey Johnson's Butterflies Sheer Georgette from Mood Fabrics
Robin's Egg Blue Solid Lightweight Cotton from Mood Fabrics
A couple of "swatches" for planned fabrics, but I realize that what I desperately need to do is go through my stash and take pictures of all my fabrics so that I can pair them with the appropriate projects before buying more. Just another thing to add to the growing check list…

New Look's Misses Tops

Another one of the internet's favorite patterns, the New Look 6808 and what's not to love? It's cheap, you get a lot of different looks, and if the 60 reviews on Pattern Review are to be trusted, it's easy to sew. I think it has a really feminine silhouette and when done in fabrics with more drape, I think it looks comfortable and flattering.

Chocolate and Blue Silk Chiffon with Border Print from Mood Fabrics
Blue and Pink Striped Cotton Shirting from Mood Fabrics

Colette's Sorbetto

You just can't argue with free. And free and pretty like Colette's super easy, super minimal sleeveless top Sorbetto? Well, why are we even discussing this?

No fabric suggestions, because I'm imagining an adorably twee teal shirting with cream accents. I also figure that since this top was made for busting your fabric stash, it's less about finding the perfect fabrics and more about figuring out the styling.

Poor Man's Archer

Okay, guys, I get it. I really need to get on it and try Grainline's Archer. But I don't have it. I could get it, sure, I probably will, but you know what I have? Right now? I have McCall's 6649 or as I will always refer to it: my poor man's Archer. (That's totally unfair, as the Archer only costs $10, which is not an overwhelming amount of money, but as a person who will binge on the $1 pattern sale for the Big 4 when it comes around at my local JoAnn, $10 seems steep by comparison.)

I'm excited by the possibilities on this one. From plaids, to charming prints, to bright colorblocks, to the basic "southern" black button down with pearl snaps. I have completely drunk the kool-aid on this button down shirt.

Marc Jacob's Cotton Print Shirting from Mood Fabrics 
Black and Blue Checked Shirting from Mood Fabrics
Off-White, Clay, and Blue Plaid Shirting from Mood Fabrics
Multi Color Floral Cotton Batiste from Mood Fabrics
Chocolate Striped Shirting from Mood Fabrics
Jersey Knit Shirts

I also want to delve into the world of sewing my own knit shirts. I've been side-eyeing Sewaholic's Renfrew and Papercut Pattern's Ensis Tee after seeing so many wonderful renditions of them. I have mad science plans of doing my own screen printing. So stay tuned to seeing that come to fruition.

Well, that's the very beginning of my wardrobe intentions. A lot of dream fabric and dream patterns and all reminders that I need to get my nose to my sewing table and get on it!

Coming up, I'll continue my planned pieces, with bottoms, blazers, and dresses. As well as a lay out of my stash, and soon enough, a post about my current project.


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