Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cause she knows that it's demanding to defeat these evil machines.

Pink Robots!
I told you that there would be pink robots, didn't I? You've forgotten because it's been so long since I said such, but I wasn't lying, just very delayed. (A bad charming characteristic for blogging, I realize.) I could say that I'm still learning my ropes, but that's just excusing myself. So, instead I'll just say: working on it.

Anyway, robots! I got this fabric back in 2012. It's linen (yes, linen) which makes it a relatively ideal summer dress material. A little on the stiff side and a lot prone to wrinkling, but it's lightweight, breezy, wicking, and covered in adorable pink robots. How could you say no?

I lined the bodice in a soft, pale pink cotton for comfort and an effort to improve my construction. I left the skirt unlined, since it's a summer dress for Texas and that keeps it all nice and breezy.

The pattern is New Look 6699 which I've made several times and is super quick to sew and has several fun options. Only complaint with construction is how bulky the center of the gathered bodice gets, but the little loop on top covers a multitude of sins.

No excuses, but one of the things that I'm discovering about the sewing blog is the difficulty of wrangling someone to take pictures with me. (These are done by the wonderful Rowan, and thank you so much to her.) Does anyone have any suggestions for begging, pleading, scheduling of photo sessions from unpaid helpers friends?

It is bluebonnet season here in Austin, so I was really excited about taking photos in them--something I haven't done since I was a child. Something I don't remember from my childhood was people driving by yelling "Yeah, sexy!" or "Get it, girl!" Which I will mark down in the column of For The Best.

One last picture, not much of the dress, but I love it and when you love pictures of yourself (as infrequently as that happens) you absolutely have to show them.

I've been generally unsuccessful at trying to sew Colette's Jasmine, but I'm willing to give it one more good try and assume the issues are with me and not the beloved top. But that's on hold as my Sewaholic patterns came and I've been itching to delve into the world of knits. And also I have this amazing print from Tula Pink that reminds me of Dolly Clackett, so I obviously need a Dolly Clackett-inspired dress out of it.

We can look forward to that one together!