Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First of May in February

I take it all back. This is the hard part. This is the really put-myself-out-there-and-hold-my-breath part. But it is also a learning experience and a crazy ride and an opportunity to put on fabulous makeup.

So, there's that.

For the record, I don't do winter. I lived in New York a few years, and shivered my way through the cold weather and the "Layers, honey! Layers!" to move back to my native Austin and I'll be damned if I'll suffer through winter.

And yet, this January was pretty harsh for us. If you are reading this north of the Mason-Dixon line, you will scoff at my definition of "harsh," but a little bit of ice and a little bit of wind and we Austinites will absolutely crumble in the face of it. Schools shut down. Government offices shut down. All the coconut water and organic flax bread goes flying off the shelves. We try to figure out how to build a fire in our fireplaces. Then we try to figure out how to open the flue on the fireplace because we are smoking ourselves out of our homes. We make Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon.

… Okay, that part isn't bad. Mexican hot chocolate might possibly be the nectar of the gods, but the point of my general brain meanderings: Austin can't do winter. And baby, I can't wait for spring.

So a tiny dress in pretty pastels? Don't mind if I do!

First of May Dress
And here I am. Behold my glory. Or, preferably, behold the dress. Because I love it.

Heart Necklace by Unique Art Pendants on Etsy

This is Simplicity 1755 by Leanne Marshall and I love the design. I've made two so far, but if I were to make it again (which I probably will… once again, looooove this dress) I'd probably raise the armscye to keep it from gapping like above.

It also has pockets! I always feel like a responsible human being when I sew pockets, even if a rarely use them for more than a tube of lip balm.

I did have a few issues with construction. The gaping around the bust like I mentioned and also a few shortcuts on the interior construction that I'm trying to wean myself from (as mentioned in my mission statement). I need to improve the hem, because if it isn't properly pressed, the serged edge peeks out under my hem. (How embarrassing!) And I think I would give it a little more length in a new go around. (I love a mini, but it's not every-day-practical.)

This doesn't really show the dress,
but I think this picture is adorable.
So, there's my first go around. I have a couple of things I've learned: more construction and process notes, pictures of the internal dress, taking waaaaaay more pictures so I have more to choose from (there might have been a moment in this process where I hated every single picture and then decided what the hell, I'll hate myself too), and also make sure my photographer—in this shoot, my dear friend Andy—knows to shoot the whole outfit, including shoes.

Next week I'm going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. (Woo!) So I'll come back with a lot of drunken… er… I mean "candid" shots of costumes and other wildness.



  1. Such a cute spring dress! I love the mix of fabrics you used. This pattern has been malingering in my Giant Box O'Patterns, but I may have to try it out now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, congratulations on your first outfit post! You look lovely! It's a terrifying, liberating thing, right? No lie, I take about 100 pictures each time, just so I know there will be good ones. A remote and a tripod are magical, wonderful things.

    In other news: your anatomical heart necklace is soooo rockin'. Between it and your perfectly pink hair, I'm basically overwhelmed with envy! ;) Have fun in New Orleans!

    1. I'm making high pitched noises of joy. (An issue for my coworkers no doubt.) Thank you for the kind words! First outfit post, yes, absolutely terrifying! But it was a fun dress to make and I got to wander around the park with my friends to take pictures, so it was a really warm experience overall.

      Next time I make the dress, I think I want to do the raglan sleeves, they are too adorable. So, yes, yes! Sew it.

      Thanks again for encouraging comments! Much sewing love!

  2. Awww I think the pictures came out lovely. Dramatic light + pink hair = awesome!

    1. Thanks, love! Sometimes it takes stepping away for a while to be able to see something properly.

  3. Ok, I see what you mean about the arm scythes but you probably have ready to wear garments that have fitting issues. It's hard but don't go down the easy road that all sewing bloggers go down at some point by pointing out the mistakes of an outfit. It's a real pretty dress. Be proud of it! :)

    1. Aww, thanks! I am proud of this dress. I really enjoy wearing it. I do want to make fit improvements on future projects, but I certainly agree that I don't want to be negative on myself!